WeGotPIX Anthology


"In the Beginning" -- of the PIX league whilst the Commish was residing with Stacky on Chelsea (in 1992), Daley (residing on Vernon at the time I believe) would stop by with his E.D. Ellis pocket football schedule and declare "Letís Make Some PIX!" Stacky would pull out of his wallet one multi-folded USA Today (NFL Special Section) season schedule page; and in turn the Commish pulled out his "pirated" E.D. Ellis schedule. PIX were on! Then we eventually moved to a central sheet (E.D. Ellis pocket schedule) for all PIX to be maintained (sometimes not updated for weeks.) It wasnít until the 1996 season when PIX were centrally located in electronic fashion. Somewhat permanent records now exist from the 1997 season thru present. Another milestone was the use of the web in the 2001 season to post results. Also in 2001 "The Cup" was introduced as a 1-year reminder of who has talked the talk AND walked the walk. The WeGotPIX League has seen many participants and entertained many a contenderís hopes of that ultimate dream, the Prized WeGotPIX Cup. The league has also seen a few different formats over the years.

In 1997 not only did the league see itís first expansion, but also tried out a Nascar points type standings. (It was used only for tie-breakers) That idea was nixed during the spring Board meeting. Expansion that year included our first imported "kicker" from Nicaragua, Eddie Cardenal, who lasted only 2 seasons with one championship before going to the West Coast as a free agent. This was also the year that footbaLKen and Pako debuted as rookies, mind you they are the only expansion teams that year that stayed in the league. Speaking of staying in the league, 1997 also brought our only mid season dropout, Damen, who still sits on the Ď97 score sheet in last place with 36 and a line thru his name. Lorenzo, aka Zoid, also made a 2 season appearance starting in í97. Another 2 season wonder beginning his career in í97 only to be sidelined for 3 seasons was the Rat. He finished 4th out of 8 and 8th out of 9, then went to the European league I believe. 1998 brought more expansion along with the contraction of Damen, damn "Heís still getting press time for only PIXing 4 weeks." To compete with Stackyís long distance Pix, the league recruited PJ Joubert from the Adirondacks who made long distance Pix EVERY week. PJ retired after just one season finishing in the middle of the pack. He cited problems with the commute. The league reached itís membership high of 9 PIXers. (currently maxed and limited at 10) This led to the Boardís first discussion of late or no PIX. For this 1998 season only (nixed the next springís Board meeting) a PIXers worst week was tossed out of the final tally. 1999 and 2000 were the years of normalcy. The league contracted to its base of mainstays: the Commish, the Champ, Pako, Daley, and Stackyy. PIX were expected to be in or confirmed with another PIXer. The standings were based solely on correct PIX in on time.

The 2001 season saw the league succumb to: the pressure in the media, the pressure from the ACLU, the pressure from Natinal Association of Gals (NAGs) and many other civil liberties organizations. We allowed girls to play! League expansion in this season included only gals, the girl and Ellen. The reverend Jesse has stopped calling and the boycotts have ended. Weíve paid our extortion. As we look back through the struggle of evolution we realize, "We still donít have a dime ridin on this, weíve bettered the evolution of other species falling prey to commercialism and not realizing the value of just earning the right to talk the talk. We never use the words, 'Pool' or 'Fantasy'" WeGotPIX is live online, with no more busy signals at 12:55pm, no more full answering machine, no more writing down and entering, access from around the globe. We have evolved Guys AND Gals.