Bedrock: We were honored to be invited into The We Got Picks League! Honestly, it was a lot harder than we thought! Our start and finish maintaining last place, or “Bedrock” was not what we planned. Gathering at the East Bend Super Bowl Arena was a great way to end the season. Thank You Rita & Ken, plus Kate & Fern! Wanted to share that we did even worse in the Super Tuesday Primary: 13 Races: Picked 6 Correctly or Our Candidate Won and 7 Losers; for 46%! Onward! Kelley & Jack Stack (Wed, Mar 6, 8:43pm)

Champ6K: Thanks PixNation. We certainly enjoyed the Super Bowl in East Bend. Maybe a record 90% turnout. Congrats to SuperGut 6. Glad to have Rock on board and we will see you next season. Great league Mish. Am certainly worn out with all the sports show appearances and interviews this week which included mile after mile of light rail commitments. Can’t wait to get back to the sanctuary on my own personal transportation. (Fri, Feb 16, 6:04pm)

Mish: Thank you East Bend for great gig and hosting duties! (Tue, Feb 13, 10:33am)

Girl: Congrats to the Champs. Your going to need an entourage for all the rings you keep collecting. Thanks to everyone who came out to East Bend. Great party! Thanks for helping out with the nosh. Till' next year! (Mon, Feb 12, 4:23pm)

Girl: But did you pay? (Mon, Feb 12, 4:21pm)

Sleehrat: Congrats sister kissing co-champs. Great gig last night. Great hosts. Home by 12:40am. In bed by 1pm. On lightrail around 8:30 (Mon, Feb 12, 2:57pm)

Commish: Congratulations Champs. A season well played. Thanks to all PIXters for another successful WeGotPIX League season! (Mon, Feb 12, 12:25pm)

Got East Bend Super: First arrive here before last Pix placed. (Sun, Feb 11, 4:50pm)

Girl: We have plenty of parking. Depending on what time you arrive will, you'll have more options. Just want everyone to be prepared. Our driveways freak people out. Adds to the drama! Tours start at 5pm (Fri, Feb 9, 12:19pm)

K: Some road some driveway. Please note: shirts are required in the EB VIP suite. (Fri, Feb 2, 7:28pm)

TMAC: Reservations for 1 TMAC for EB Supergig. Street parking sounds preferable? (Fri, Feb 2, 5:59pm)

Girl: Fishing rods optional (Fri, Feb 2, 8:02am)

Girl: 5:00 pm kickoff of the 1st annual East Bend SB Party. Come early for social hour. Bring your favorite appetizer. Be prepared for steep driveways. If you have a front camera in your vehicle, the front door parking is yours. We kinda have a mountain set-up out here. Two driveway entrances, 1st one by mailbox is black top and 2nd one is concrete. Concrete entrance for the bold sort. Can't wait to see everyone! (Fri, Feb 2, 7:59am)

Girl: Rat, I bet you were feeling pretty good there until the 49ers woke up in the 4th. Really wanted Detroit to win. (Fri, Feb 2, 7:51am)

GotChamp?: Reservations for 2 Champs at Super Gig. Thanks K (Wed, Jan 31, 8:12pm)

Sleehrat: Gonna try to make it to East Bend for SB. I mean, how can I say no to a personal phone call invite? (Wed, Jan 31, 5:15pm)

Super K: Thanks TMAC, The PIXSeason goes quick doesn't it? Entire PIXLeague is invited to the Super Bowl being held in East Bend. Champs, Rookies and special guests all are welcome. Let us know whose coming please. Text me for the address. Thanks Commish for a great site and League. Got Super Gig - now less than 2 weeks. (Mon, Jan 29, 3:14pm)

GotChamp?: I 2nd it! (Mon, Jan 29, 11:55am)

TMAC: Great season Gutshot and SuperK. Your pix are much better than the rest of our pix and well deserving of being at the top. I know this normally would have to be a board approved at the offseason meeting but would love to see blind pix for the superbowl. After all, the league was founded on the "pix who you think will win" mantra so what better way to eliminate all outside influences than go with blind pix? (Mon, Jan 29, 9:34am)

SCHAFFEY: Things just got real interesting in the Pix League. Great KC game! (Sun, Jan 28, 6:24pm)

Sleehrat: So, you're telling me there's a chance?? (Sat, Jan 27, 7:53pm)

Sleehrat: So you're telling me there's a chance? Let's go underdogs!! (Sat, Jan 27, 7:39pm)

Got Champ?: Hey does this BBoard still work? Nice playoff run Sleeh! Thought it was a 2 man race, but do you believe in miracles? It would be epic, and the matrix shows it's still in play. A lot going on back there. Good luck on your Pix and enjoy! (Sat, Jan 27, 1:44pm)

BAILEY!: New coach BAMA - DeBoer 104-12 lifetime (Sun, Jan 14, 12:29pm)

Svelte : 206-29 Saban (Fri, Jan 12, 6:05pm)

Girl: And end of an era of excellence in football. Tough to fill the shoes of these guys, Bill Belechik, Nick Saban, Pete Carroll. Belechik and Carroll had a couple of tough recent years but damn, their players loved to play for them. (Thu, Jan 11, 8:40am)

Girl: Way to go Bill! 💪 I’m confused, I thought Coach was Sven. Anyways, how bout those GMen!!!!!! (Mon, Jan 8, 7:09pm)

Sven: Hey 5xChamp. I’m pretty sure Kat is spelled with a K bro. I Kant say for sure (Mon, Jan 8, 2:27pm)

WildCat: Congratulations 5 X Champ. PIX Super Bowl Event in East Bend. Entire PixLeague invited. D? (Mon, Jan 8, 10:32am)

Mish: Congrats on regular season notch, Sven! (Mon, Jan 8, 8:19am)

Bailey: HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL PIXSTERS. Trust for a healthy, prosperous year. (Mon, Jan 1, 11:58pm)

Yontz : Islanders and beach visitors are taking a beating. (Mon, Jan 1, 11:41am)

Bailey : Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! (Sun, Dec 24, 11:31pm)

SantaK: Merry Christmas PIXers. (Sun, Dec 24, 7:41pm)

Commish: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy, Healthy New Year! (Sun, Dec 24, 10:03am)

Js: Looking up from Bethlehem Bedrock to wish all of you & yours a Very Merry Christmas! 🎁🎄 (Sat, Dec 23, 9:44pm)

GIRL: A very Happy Christmas to The League and their families! God Bless. Peace. (Sat, Dec 23, 11:59am)

Yentz : Ditto (Fri, Dec 22, 3:41pm)

Yentz : Yentz (Fri, Dec 22, 3:41pm)

Yentz : A Very Merry Christmas to all my Pix Friends! (Fri, Dec 22, 3:40pm)

Yentz : A Very Merry Christmas to you all my PixLeague Friends!! (Fri, Dec 22, 2:25pm)

Brandon Staley: That pick was so bad I got fired. (Fri, Dec 15, 5:39pm)

Just Win Baby: 63 (Fri, Dec 15, 6:51am)

Backups: I’d like to apologize to the PIX league for picking LAC tonight. (Thu, Dec 14, 10:04pm)

Backups: WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE BOLTS???!!! (Thu, Dec 14, 8:51pm)

Backups: 8 “everybody’s for the week, how good are we? We lost Thursday night, we’ll see how today goes. Islands available (Sun, Dec 10, 1:03pm)

Backups: 8 “everybody’s for the week, how good are we? We lost Thursday night, we’ll see how today goes. Islands available (Sun, Dec 10, 1:02pm)

Gravy: Heyyo Pixers it's Banter Time. Week 14, but there's still plenty of Pixes to close the gap on the 2 Titans at the top of the hill. But you're gonna have to eahhrrnn it. Band of brothers battling it out at -3. TMac looking like the quiet assasin moving his way up the ranks. CobbleChamp might be just staying in striking range to make his move in double-jeopardy. And Sleehrat might be making his move as his "gut" is showing. "c" takes P-O-W honors yet again but those islanders forgot to flip over and got burnt. Rookie hasn't missed a Pix but is looking for some visitors to join him. Time to start pixing the teams you want to ride with. Who do you like, besides SanFran? Who's the darkhorse? This week will present opportunities. So, let's make some Pix. (Thu, Dec 7, 11:06am)

c: GIRL, good assumption! I agree. HAPPY THANKSGIVING PIX MEN & GIRL. Enjoy your time w/ family & friends & football. Oh Parade & dog show too. Off to start this day w/ a 5K. (Thu, Nov 23, 7:04am)

Girl: I think I've finally realized the Jet's defense can't overcome Zac Wilson's terribleness. (Mon, Nov 20, 10:00am)

Girl: Thanks C. Congrats to BedRock on his island! I shoulda stayed with Green Bay. I just can't get a feel for the A-aron Rogersless team this season. The Cleveland Browns are officially my team. They just keep winning. DeVito for the win! Smoky here in East Bend from the Sauratown Mtn. fire. Tuesday rain is much needed here. It's so dry that I'm starting to look like a leather sofa on this island. Pass the chapstick. (Mon, Nov 20, 9:59am)

c: Bedrock Money Hits an ISLAND PIX! Of course GIRL, stays on the island comfortable w/plenty of rations, looking for the next PIX, well done you’ll. Good week by some 10’s out there, SWIX hurt deep, will try again this evening. Winds out of North @ 15 knots OBX. (Mon, Nov 20, 9:37am)

ChalK: Chalk Chalk (Sun, Nov 19, 1:18pm)

c: Bengals HAD to WIN last night for any playoff hopes, HAD TO!!! and didn’t…. Back to the drawing boards. (Fri, Nov 17, 10:30pm)

chalK: Yup, very busy inside building a new big trophy cabinet Rat! Need a place to keep the hardware and rings. I do have windows here unlike that Gman basement. Speaking of, need anything down there Roc? (Fri, Nov 17, 2:46pm)

Girl: The no beach/no island strategy apparently pays off looking at the current leadership. Pale and steady as she goes. Now do the entire Pix League history of island picks. That might crash the server! I still contend that island picks should be more than 1 point. I can dream can't I? (Fri, Nov 17, 12:52pm)

Sleehrat: (sorry for previous dupes) Now let’s look at what I’ll call beach visits - pix where there were only two pix. glazed and c. both with 8 beach pix. both going 3-5. TMac with an impressive 4-2 Beach showing. girl winless at the beach, going 0-3. Sleehrat 2-0 at the beach, while daley is 1-1. Detwa 1-0, and Commish 0-1, Bedrock also 0-1. And finally, special call out to K1, who apparently has skin sensitivities to the sun, as he ha zero Island visits AND zero Beach Visits. Someone get this guy some sun!!! (Fri, Nov 17, 12:01pm)

Sleehrat: Let’s do a little Pix data deep dive. Island Pix - there have been 30 Island pix and league has gotten 12 correct (40%). The most prolific Islander is c. who hs made 13 trips to the Island, getting 5 correct (38%). Second most is Bedrock, who have gotten 2 out of 6 right. TMAC with 5 Islanders, getting 2 correct. girl with 3 out of 4 island pix correct. Daley and Sleehrat have both whiffed on their single Island pix. and K1, Detwa, Commish and glaze haven’t even sniffed the smell of Coppertone this year, preferring to huddle in the comfort of Chalk. (Fri, Nov 17, 11:47am)

Lama: Girl takes her pick on Pix-O-Week honors. Sandy beaches, margaritas, …. (Mon, Nov 13, 2:07pm)

GIRL: 😎😎😎 (Sun, Nov 12, 8:50pm)

Detwa: : Girl - double ISLAND - double trouble- she’s coming after us PIXers! (Sun, Nov 12, 8:42pm)

c: I didn’t know there were islands in Cleveland? Nice PIX GIRL! (Sun, Nov 12, 4:25pm)

Sleehrat: I can't even imagine the state GMan is in right now. Not good. (Fri, Nov 10, 2:35pm)

Rocky: Lesson Learned: Never take a Football Pick from a man preparing for a colonoscopy! (Fri, Nov 10, 10:02am)

GIRL: I agree with you Rat, but have been hesitant to post that on the board. Football and officialting. The NFL has turned into, IMO, more interested in gambling and promoting gambling. I swear, IMO, that the officiating sometimes is influenced by the spread. and also ruined by analylitics. Sometimes I wish GMan was still around to discuss these things. (Thu, Nov 9, 11:48am)

Sleehrat: Not to be a downer, but the quality of football in the NFL is as bad as it’s been in a while. YUCK!! (Tue, Nov 7, 5:09pm)

c: The Jets are a strange ball club - they move the ball backwards. That was brutal!! Great week Pix League. Hey, I took a sanding sponge out the back yesterday…. (Mon, Nov 6, 11:10pm)

Detwa: Ha! Driftwood - a crowded Stack CRX - can’t imagine what that looks like😱! (Sun, Nov 5, 9:44pm)

Driftwood: Heyyooo week 9 looks like a doozy. PixLeaderBoard is more crowded than the back seat of StackLights CRX. Everybody is looking to make a move this weekend. Enjoy and good luck on your Pix. (Sun, Nov 5, 6:42am)

GIRL: Congrats to TMac and Rat for the fortitude to pick the Panthers to win. They sure needed one. (Mon, Oct 30, 7:19am)

GIRL: I was feeling lucky. I read some obscure stat regarding Denver vs. Green Bay and the fact that Green Bay due to scheduling has hardly played in a month. Nice gamble on the Vikes. And the Steelers and Giants. You never know. (Tue, Oct 24, 1:04pm)

TMAC: Lots of Pix-O-Week choices but it has to go to the Denver pix by Girl. That pix either came straight from the gut or in a moment of zigging when others zagged. Although the Steelers island was a close second for me. Even with the what is going on with SF over the last week with players dinged up, I was still riding shotgun with C. (Tue, Oct 24, 10:26am)

c: Nice MNF PIX TMAC - infinite wisdom. (Tue, Oct 24, 10:05am)

c: YOU LIKE THAT! (Tue, Oct 24, 10:02am)

GIRL: Pass the Bain de'Solei please Stack. I think I starting to burn. (Tue, Oct 24, 8:37am)

c: Holy Island weekend, cudos to Anchor Man-Basement-JES ROCKBOTTOM - Steeler Pix, congratulations on winning a football game, great Pix! GIRL goes Denver? Denver? You’re kidding Denver? And WINS!! Nice Pix girl. I never imagined I could be so into a Giants Skins game, get on an island and you find out quick, makes a 5 feel like a 7. Staying w/ Vikes tonight. Should have takes the Dirty ones last night, messed that up. Good luck on rough week w/ the sun shining on some island Pix. (Mon, Oct 23, 4:48pm)

Coach K: Glad I picked KC. (Sun, Oct 22, 4:45pm)

Donut: In the mid-1990s, Jack and Delores opened their second restaurant location by expanding into neighboring Overland Park, Kansas. They decided to change their name to Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue to set themselves apart from the family chain of Smoke Stack Barbecue restaurants. They also opened a full-service catering operation in Martin City, along with private dining facilities in both Martin City and in their third restaurant location in the historic Freight House building across from Union Station in mid-town Kansas City. In October 2006, they opened a fourth restaurant on The Country Club Plaza. A fifth location opened in Lee's Summit, Missouri early spring 2015.[1] Seizing upon the opportunity to expand their Kansas City-style barbecue beyond the borders of Kansas City, Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue began shipping their barbecue nationwide in 2000. Media exposure on The Food Network and Modern Marvels on The History Channel helped to introduce the rest of America to Jack Stack's Kansas City-style barbecue. Fiorella's Jack Stack has been rated as some of the best barbecue in the United States by several national organizations and magazines. Most notably, the Zagat Survey named it the "#1 Barbecue House in the Country."[2] Jack Fiorella has passed restaurant operations along to his son-in-law Case Dorman. (Sun, Oct 22, 8:23am)

Rocky: Today, Jack Stack Barbecue is in its fourth generation of Fiorella family ownership and has evolved into the largest wood-fired cookery in the United States. Along with its six KC area restaurants, Jack Stack operates a full-service catering business, nationwide shipping engine and an event venue in southern Johnson County. (Sat, Oct 21, 8:32pm)

TMAC: Thanks, GC. Thanks for noticing. (Thu, Oct 19, 3:47pm)

GC: Hell Yeah I see you TMAC. POW Week 6. Nice tan. (Wed, Oct 18, 6:50pm)

HandBeer: Oh My! (Dick Enberg voice) The BEEF at those KC tailgates. Short Ribs and Brisket! (Thu, Oct 12, 6:29pm)

Detwa: Thanks! We took a few chances and they paid off. 👍 (Tue, Oct 10, 1:18pm)

East Bend k: Impressive BookEndPIX Islands fisherman c. only to be outshined by Detwa. Nice week. (Tue, Oct 10, 7:18am)

Guppy: Well played Week 5, DETWA! (Mon, Oct 9, 7:32pm)

BeerGut: Strong week Detwaaa. How’s the view. Mr and Mrs Stacks boys aren’t scared. Pass the lotion Islanders. POW!!! (Mon, Oct 9, 3:42pm)

Girl: Two really good teams playing Sunday Night, the "Boys" and 49ers. Philly and Rams should be decent too with Stafford back and Cooper Kupp expected to play. Hardest team, for me, to pix has been Tennessee. Just can't figure those guys out. I don't think I've picked them correctly yet. BTW. Taylor Swift is a marketing genius. (Thu, Oct 5, 1:58pm)

GIRL: Pathetic Panthers made Minnie look like a good team. Panthers offense has been offensive to watch. Sad. Game of the Week was the Filthy\Washington game. Miami got religion, CJ Stroud is clearly the best of the rookie QB class so far, Baker Mayfield transformed in Tampa Bay, and once again the NFL has only a handful of good teams separated by a yawning chasm of dumpster fires. Jimmy Johnson said this weekend "You can't have a good team if you don't have good players" Pretty obvious. (Wed, Oct 4, 10:00am)

GC: Tomlin smoked by rookie qb and a team with 3 wins last season. I will leave PixOWeek to fellow pixers. Taylor who? (Tue, Oct 3, 12:40pm)

Rocky: Does anyone know if Taylor Swift is planning to go to Minnesota this weekend??? (Tue, Oct 3, 12:03am)

K: Congratulations PixLeague everyone had The Fins. (Mon, Sep 25, 8:04pm)

GIRL: BLOODBATH (Sun, Sep 24, 3:39pm)

k: c. inches into the top spot. Nice week. (Wed, Sep 20, 9:56am)

Donut: Since TJ Watt buried the crown of his helmet into Cam Newton's shoulder in the 2018 season, the Panthers have the worst record in the NFL at 24-53 (Detroit is 2nd-worst at 24-51-2) (Tue, Sep 19, 6:37am)

Coach: A game of inches. (Sun, Sep 17, 11:22pm)

Rocky: This is stressful!!! Might be going with the “George Costanza” for next weeks picks! 😡 (Sun, Sep 17, 4:25pm)

K: Nope - Raiders by 1! 40 burger takes it. Jets nominated for SWIX-O-Week! (New category). (Thu, Sep 14, 5:44pm)

Girl: Meh (Thu, Sep 14, 2:46pm)

MISH: Meh, PIX-O-Week is the Raaaiiders and those that put it out there early and stayed the course. (Thu, Sep 14, 2:34pm)

GIRL: NOPE. Pix of the Week were the 3 last minute switch pixes to the NY Jets and Aaron Rodgers, with the the Hall of Fame QB going down after first series, watching game turn into a a kickers and special teams game then going to be thinking about the dumbest swix ever, then waking up next morning to find out the Jets pulled it off. Team rally for Rodgers. Legendary game. (Thu, Sep 14, 2:24pm)

K: Pix-O-Week for 40 burger Dallas domination. (Thu, Sep 14, 6:55am)

GutCheck: Pix-O-Week for that Cleveland over Chincy. 24 to 3 (Wed, Sep 13, 10:09pm)

K: Great report T. We saw your swix. I did not have the gut even after watching that tremendous into. 3 nice swixes to the Jets. (Wed, Sep 13, 3:34pm)

TMAC: I watched it until the end after making a last minute swix pick. Being 5 down before the game and then swixing to the Jets and then seeing Rodgers go down 4 plays into the game..... Needless to say, i looked like the face of the Jets fan. Pulled on out though. (Wed, Sep 13, 2:18pm)

Super K: Anybody else watch it to the end? Jets fans and viewers got what we paid for. Stay tuned, watch some big time football games like this one and make some PIX. (Tue, Sep 12, 6:31pm)

K: Wow. What can you say. NY Football Jets do what seemed impossible. Stunning effort. (Mon, Sep 11, 11:18pm)

Donut: Aaron Rodgers going out on the first drive has to be the most Jets thing ever. (Mon, Sep 11, 9:34pm)

Detwa: Yes, welcome to the league RookieCUZ!! (Mon, Sep 11, 7:59pm)

Detwa: Yes, welcome to the league RookieCUZ!! (Mon, Sep 11, 3:32pm)

c: Welcome to the league ROOKIEBRO see how tough it is, even w/ no spreads! Good luck in your 4:15 PIX ! Welcome back GIRL - nice start. (Sun, Sep 10, 4:18pm)

c: I took PITT? (Sun, Sep 10, 2:26pm)

Girl : Nice Footballs Mish, Good to have them back! (Sun, Sep 10, 1:40pm)

MISH: Trying, but just can't pull trigger with the Raaaiiiders. As much as I just don't trust Russ. Maybe Payton has a Plan B ready for that. (Sun, Sep 10, 12:26pm)

Rockie: Mish, you’re missing a PIX! (Sat, Sep 9, 8:45pm)

Rockie: Mish; you’re missing a Pix! (Sat, Sep 9, 8:43pm)

Detwa: We met Dan for cocktails, MISH! 🥃🥂 (Fri, Sep 8, 7:42pm)

Girl: That's why I had to take a sabbatical! The sleep losing pressure! (Fri, Sep 8, 5:52pm)

Mish: Rookie, it's a long, long way between: "tempted", "wanted to", "felt it", "I was gonna" AND Making that gut pix! Welcome to THE PIX LEAGUE and the gut wrenching, sleep losing pressure cooker! (Fri, Sep 8, 10:48am)

Mish: Wow DETROIT! A little disappointed, Detwa. Ride that hometeam jubilation and go meet Dan at Starbucks in the morning :) (Fri, Sep 8, 10:45am)

Detwa: ROAR 🦁!! (Fri, Sep 8, 12:13am)