donut: congrats rookie, good luck beating your FIL at golf. I've had 8 years to beat mine, still haven't done it yet. (Wed, Feb 16, 1:09pm)

GutCheck Champ193 Driftwood DaleyLama: Well played Rook! Congrats on your first. See you at the top next year Detwa as that seems to be where you live now. Thanks Pixers and Mish. Enjoyed the PixGig at PixLeagueParty HQ. 5X (Tue, Feb 15, 8:58am)

Rookie: Appreciate it everyone, thanks for allowing me to be here, look forward to next year only 7 months to wait (Mon, Feb 14, 12:01am)

c: ROOKIE- To my future son-in-law, I say-CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE WIN. To come in here Rookie and all, come out on top, in a very competitive season & Pixster, is well played. Detwa you take the battlefield yearly w/ confidence and great PIX, incredible 3 year run. But 2nd doesn’t mean a thing in this league-there’s always next year. Pleasure to have you both in the PIX LEAGUE! (Sun, Feb 13, 11:29pm)

SuperK: Congratulations ROOK. (Sun, Feb 13, 10:46pm)

Girl: Congratulations to Rookie. Well played. Detwa, y’all battled to the end. Tough break. Ironic that it was Stafford to the winning QB. Time to hit the liquor cabinet and think about next season. (Sun, Feb 13, 10:45pm)

detwa: Congrats Rookie. Great, fun, competitive season. (Sun, Feb 13, 10:22pm)

Mish: Congratulations Rookie! First Rookie Champ in League history...sans inaugural season. (Sun, Feb 13, 10:04pm)

Rookie: Let’s go!!!!!!!! Great game (Sun, Feb 13, 9:59pm)

detwa: Also to be noted, if Rookie swix his pix to the bengals please swix detwa back to the rams., (Sat, Feb 12, 10:57pm)

Rookie: Rams (Fri, Feb 11, 12:56pm)

Rookie: Rams (Fri, Feb 11, 12:56pm)

GIRL CHAMP: LOL! Thanks for the Kind words SuperK. I started my Pix Career on an hunch that this skinny white guy QB Brady might be going somewhere. I remember riding the Patriots all season until the "Tuck Rule" Super Bowl and it's quite fitting to be ending my Pix career with Tommy retiring as well. Tho, I don't have all the rings but I did win the championship which was the highlight of a very difficult year for me. (and my family) I'm pretty sure my brother won a Championship going last to first too. -34 . Wasn't a tie with TMAC? As far as Island Pix, they were all GUT Pix. Probably worked out for me 50% of the time. Nothing beats a Double Island, which I have done a few times over the years. Just want to say Thanks for the Memories boys (and girls). It was a fun ride. Banterboard will be a lot quieter without my take on things. (i miss Gman's rants!) The competition in here is FIERCE. I've been in the basement more times than I want to admit. Getting ready to upgrade the shag carpeting and fake wood paneling down here. Thanks Mish for hosting this site for so many years and taking so much of your time to keep it operating. I thought your supposed to get a Cartier watch for retirement. Hell, I'll take a gold-plated paintbrush! Cheers to everyone. I might stop by the banter board now and then but I'm off to my studio.......................... (Thu, Feb 10, 8:06am)

detwa: Girl - you set the bar high and you will be missed. But, we know where to find you for the inside scoop on island picks 😊! Also, let it be noted, that if Rookie’s strategy is to wait to the last minute to select his SB PIX, and he picks the Rams, please swap detwa’s selection to the bengals. Look out Rookie, we are not backing down 🤩! (Wed, Feb 9, 12:15pm)

SuperKGirlFan: Looking forward to a House of Champs Super Gig on Sunday PixLeague. Thank you. We will be crowing a First Time PixChamp. The BigJerry Trophy awaits. Our 193 Champ assures us it is shined up and will be present for the hand off. Additionally, we will be sending off Girl into PixRetirement. A BIG shoutout to Girl for her swag that she has shown our League. I was always amazed at the poise she had in pixing islands. The absolute moxie over the years on the PIXBanterBoard. Our very own baller! The PixLeague’s only ‘Last to First’ PIXChampion. I, and I am sure the entire League will miss Girl. Would love to present a pair of Cartier eye glasses for her to where during the retirement speech. But, I failed to secure them in time so instead, it is PixBRATS for all. HAPPY RETIREMENT GIRL! (Wed, Feb 9, 10:02am)

detwa: rams (Tue, Feb 8, 9:23pm)

Mish: Thanks K, Shuckstack lean ! (Mon, Feb 7, 6:35pm)

SuperK: Will work on some lean 'PixTravelMeat' for you MISH. (Mon, Feb 7, 2:34pm)

Mish: IN - half to full Brat (Mon, Feb 7, 1:29pm)

TheChamp: Champ & Champress will be arriving via parade with hardware in tow. I'd personally like 6 from The BrautMaster of Ceremonies. Rams. (Mon, Feb 7, 10:31am)

Donut: I'll be taking Joey Bag of Donuts for the win (chincy.) Two brat count for me, Mr. and Mrs. Donut will be in attendance. (Sun, Feb 6, 5:04pm)

c: IN-2BRAT MIN (Sun, Feb 6, 11:40am)

SuperK: Super gig on Double Creek. PixLeague Champs and wannabes invited. Looking for a brat count. Who is in? (Sat, Feb 5, 7:08pm)

Sleehrat: LAR (Sat, Feb 5, 3:33pm)

TMac: Cincy for the win (Tue, Feb 1, 2:47pm)

c: GIRL-PAPA would have a large Bengal Tiger in the front yard, balloons and lots of beads! Sheila being from Cincy, would have enjoyed this one too. I can hear her now, “about time, you dopes” (Mon, Jan 31, 11:21pm)

Girl: Bengals go SB. Stack, I bet you wish your Dad could see this Super Bowl (Mon, Jan 31, 6:41pm)

KSuperEarlyPix: Chincy (Mon, Jan 31, 6:25pm)

Mish: Cincy is listed as home team, so I guess that means Rams use the guest locker room.... oh, bring on the fun facts and prop bets :) (Mon, Jan 31, 6:14pm)

MISH SUPERBOWL PIX:: \\_|_// L.A. Rams \\_|_// (Mon, Jan 31, 6:06pm)

Girl: Bengals go SB. Stack, I bet you wish your Dad could see this Super Bowl (Mon, Jan 31, 5:08pm)

Mish: It is most combined losses in a SuperBowl ever. Also 1st time a non top 3 team involved (Chincy and Rams are both 4 seeds). (Mon, Jan 31, 2:14pm)

c: c. BENGALS - SB (Mon, Jan 31, 1:58pm)

c: Couldn’t agree w/ you more GIRL. Brrr proved himself yesterday, as he has all year. Keep grinding, put Nati on the map! LAR tried to lose that game and just couldn’t. Should be a great Super Bowl! (Mon, Jan 31, 1:58pm)

Girl: Hmmm, assets works too. Meant to say bad asses . Stupid autocorrect (Mon, Jan 31, 12:01pm)

Girl(Romo): You the man TMAC. Chincy all the way. NFL couldn’t have scripted it any better. Old guard out, new bad assets in. Joe Brrrr. (Mon, Jan 31, 11:58am)

Mish: After further review, the play stands as called. Rookie missed pix. (Mon, Jan 31, 11:35am)

TMac: While play is under review, I will enjoy by Island Chincy pick for a short period of time. Romo- hilarious (Mon, Jan 31, 8:36am)

Mish: Play is under review (Sun, Jan 30, 10:22pm)

Romo: Jim, looks like we’ve got a controversial call here. . Just waiting for the response from New York. Gene Steratore, what’s your opinion? (Sun, Jan 30, 8:51pm)

Donut: *asterisk (Sun, Jan 30, 8:43pm)

Donut: Ms. E. H. Long is my witness for attempting to play strategy in playing chalk for the past 20 years in this league as she observed me refreshing the chat waiting for rookie's missing pix. This affects myself and detwa who both of us made our pix on time for the respect of the league and available for all to see. As someone who was/is in third place, I had no choice to play "chalk." Previous precendence of the league dictacts a common courtesy. So again, I file protest for the results for game 1. (Sun, Jan 30, 8:36pm)

detwa: ...funny you say that Donut, we had similar plans! (Sun, Jan 30, 8:36pm)

Donut: I file a protest against rookie on game 1 today, I refreshed the banter for twenty minutes waiting for his pix, once posted I would have pixed opposite game one. Due to rookies blown pix, I never had a chance to "chalk." Controversy. (Sun, Jan 30, 8:21pm)

Rookie: Chiefs rams, I swear I put my stuff in but I don’t see it (Sun, Jan 30, 3:08pm)

detwa: chiefs; rams (Sat, Jan 29, 4:56pm)

4X: Forgot that one Mish, I think I had long hair then though. SuperGig on SuperPixSunday on Double Creek. Champs and wanna be's are all welcome. Good Luck at the TOP you three. Seems like another Chinncy Pix might be in order. (Sat, Jan 29, 12:54pm)

Mish: Back to greatest game ever seen... Lest we forget the Epic Chargers at Dolphins game in early 80's where Kellen Winslow kept getting up off the mat and giving it everything. (Sat, Jan 29, 11:04am)

Mish: ...and we have our 1st Cincy pix on the board! Love the drama with Detwa drafting behind Rookie awaiting that game of chicken outcome. (Sat, Jan 29, 9:11am)

TMac: Cincy and LAR (Fri, Jan 28, 10:04am)

Sleehrat: KCC LAR (Fri, Jan 28, 9:29am)

LAST TO FIRST CHAMPION GIRL: Donuts for everyone🍩🍩🍩!! Patty and Jimmy. (KC&SF) (Fri, Jan 28, 7:58am)

4XChampionshipWeekendPix: Ditto,Ditto. Everything is everything. LAR,KC with a side of smoked 🥩 (Thu, Jan 27, 7:25pm)

GutCheck: KC & Rams (Thu, Jan 27, 9:11am)

c: Champ Games: SF, KC - Thank you for the league work Mish, your time, our sight. Tight @ the TOP, as always. Enjoy the weekend games. (Wed, Jan 26, 10:44am)

Donut: Kansas City and San Francisco (Tue, Jan 25, 8:55pm)

Donut: Joe Burrow is a fan of the donut hole as he's busy dropping dimes with all of his receivers out there and as his kicker declares victories before he even kicks! Can anyone pix him over Patty?? After the greatest game I've ever seen? Can the the super bowl just be a best of 5 series between the Billies and the Chiefs?? (Tue, Jan 25, 8:47pm)

Mish: Ditto, Gutcheck! Not to mention possibly the best playoff weekend of football ever. All 4 games ending with a score for the win with no time left. Detwa, right where he wants to be, yet still trying to shed some chalk dust. Rookie, doesn't know enough yet to truely feel the pressure and how to ride these last 2 weeks. To chalk, or not to chalk? Tough decision from the top spot! (Tue, Jan 25, 2:10pm)

Champ193: WOW! Two of the greatest QB performances I've ever seen in the Chiefs/Bills game and I've been watching since I was around 12 and you had aluminum foil on the rabbit ears. I give props to MishEinstein, The entire PixLeague, and The NationalFootballLeague. That means refs, coaches, fans, us, etc. Mistakes are part of it all, hell I'm 10 back. But C'mon Man, let's give credit where and when it's due. Great having the PixLeague this year Mish, thoroughly enjoyed it despite my standing. Donut, what kind of donut does Burrow like because now it's your favorite. Can Detwa get back off the mat. Can Rook do what's never been done in The PixLeague. Bye Bye Tommy, Rogers can't hold your Chalk. Banter Up Pixers. (Tue, Jan 25, 12:26pm)

MISH MATHS: BWaHaHaHa!! (Mon, Jan 24, 7:21pm)

donut: maths (Mon, Jan 24, 3:56pm)

MISH CONFERENCE PIX:: //\\ Kansas City || San Francisco //\\ (Mon, Jan 24, 9:05am)

Mish: RE: 193 --- Last year NFL added 2 wildcard games (4 points), this year they added 17th regular season game (16 points), SO, 193/278=69.42% compared to current total games, 207/298=69.46%... THEREFORE, 207 is the new 193 (Mon, Jan 24, 8:51am)

Donut: no mention of 193 being at risk...... (Sun, Jan 23, 9:04pm)

Girl: LAST EVER SWIX PIX - RAMS, NO BRADY (Sun, Jan 23, 2:51pm)

MISH DIVISIONAL PIX:: \\|// L.A. Rams \\|// (Sun, Jan 23, 11:25am)

MISH DIVISIONAL PIX:: ///||\\\ Buffalo ///||\\\ (Sun, Jan 23, 9:42am)

Donut: Ben McaDont has pros and cons both ways. He has the negative stats against him, but apparently has an eye for talent, wanted to draft patty mahomes, front office said no, loved Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, but front office wanted Darnold. But who the hell knows. Now Rhule is being mentioned in college jobs again, Michigan, so as girl (mom) said, get your paper bags out. Carolina will be broken for some time. (Sat, Jan 22, 9:33pm)

GutCheck: Rook Donut K (Sat, Jan 22, 7:32pm)

MISH DIVISIONAL PIX:: Big stays Big, while speed slows down!! (Sat, Jan 22, 10:32am)

MISH DIVISIONAL PIX:: //||\\ Tennessee //||\\ San Francisco //||\\ (Sat, Jan 22, 10:31am)

Girl: 32nd in first downs gained 29th in success rate 30th in points scored 29th in time of possession 31st in red zone trips made 29th in total yards 31st in 3rd down % 29th in first half points. Bring on the paper bags, this is the Ben McAdoo's record as OC for the Giants who is now the Panthers OC. Geezus. (Sat, Jan 22, 9:04am)

#bigbread: Brady (of course), Andy Reid with a side of smoked meat (Sat, Jan 22, 7:56am)

Rookie: Bengals, packers, rams, chiefs (Sat, Jan 22, 6:50am)

detwa: titans, packers, buccaneers, bills (Fri, Jan 21, 9:52pm)

Sleehrat: TEN, GBP, LAR, KCC (Fri, Jan 21, 4:32pm)

K: Cin, GB (Fri, Jan 21, 12:43pm)

Girl: Titans, Chiefs, Bucs, Packers (Fri, Jan 21, 9:16am)

GutCheck: Tenne SF Rams Bills (Thu, Jan 20, 10:04am)

c: Playoffs? Playoffs? Tenny, SF,TB,KC (Wed, Jan 19, 12:20am)

TMac: Tennessee, Green Bay, LA Rams, Buffalo (Tue, Jan 18, 1:21pm)

Donut: Cincinatti/ Green Bay/ Tampa Bay/ Buffalo (Tue, Jan 18, 7:49am)

GutCheck: SwixPix to ‘Zona (Mon, Jan 17, 6:50pm)

MISH WILDCARD PIX:: \\|// San Francisco \\|// L.A. Rams \\|// (Sun, Jan 16, 9:06am)

⛷WildK 🏈: Dal,KC,LAR (Sat, Jan 15, 5:18pm)

Sleehrat: Swix to LV. Heck. Why not (Sat, Jan 15, 2:02pm)

Rookie: Switch to cowboys please (Sat, Jan 15, 12:32am)

Rookie: Switch to cowboys (Sat, Jan 15, 12:31am)

detwa wildcard 🏈 pix: bengals/bills/buccaneers/niners/chiefs/rams (Fri, Jan 14, 11:12pm)

Rookie: Chiefs, niners, bengals, bucs, pats, rams (Fri, Jan 14, 8:03pm)

KPix: Cin,NE,TB (Fri, Jan 14, 3:56pm)

MISH WILDCARD PIX:: //|\\ Cincinnati //|\\ New England //|\\ (Fri, Jan 14, 9:33am)

Mish: In case anyone has been hiding under a rock: ICE BOMB preparing to explode on Carolinas meaning, likely power outages in and around the SERVER. Get PIX in early, before server goes offline! (Fri, Jan 14, 8:33am)

MISH WILDCARD PIX:: //|\\ Tampa Bay //|\\ Kansas City //|\\ (Fri, Jan 14, 8:28am)

Donut: *meats (Thu, Jan 13, 9:02pm)

Donut: ran into Big Bread, aka Coach K, at the grocer today. He was indulging as I was in aquiring dozens of liquids and meets for the incoming storm that is set to hit the southeast this weekend. Stay frosty everybody and stay safe. Also, if you need advice on how to attach lumber to your roof rack, seek out advice from Big Bread. (Thu, Jan 13, 8:57pm)

Sleehrat: CIN NEP TBB DAL KCC ARI (Thu, Jan 13, 1:28pm)

GutCheck: Rams. (Thu, Jan 13, 10:21am)

GutCheck: GutCheck (Thu, Jan 13, 10:21am)

GutCheck: Rams, Zona a worthy GutPix to ride a wave on and overtake the leaders as I'm thinking they are all chalk. I think they are cherry filled Donut. (Thu, Jan 13, 10:19am)

c: Playoffs. PLAYOFFS? - PIX-CIN,NE,TB,DALLAS,KC,AZ- Enjoy double double, thanks for REG. Season MishWater, now it gets interesting. (Thu, Jan 13, 12:56am)

Donut : La Rams (Wed, Jan 12, 11:56am)

Girl: AZ for Monday Night. GMan should be happy with the housecleaning with the GMen. (Wed, Jan 12, 9:04am)

GutCheck: Bengals Bills Bucs 49ers Chiefs (Mon, Jan 10, 1:40pm)

Girl: Bengals Bills Bucs 49ers Chiefs (Mon, Jan 10, 11:10am)

Girl: Good Luck to the leaders. Under Pressure - cue David Bowie Freddie Mercury. Thanks for the kind words Detwa, Circa and KPix. I really appreciate it. (Mon, Jan 10, 11:07am)

K Yellow: First Island win and first MISSPix! Yellow yellow and lots of it the week. (Mon, Jan 10, 11:04am)

TMac: Cincy, Buff, TB, Dallas, KC, LAR (Mon, Jan 10, 10:32am)

Champ193: Hungry for some Hebrew National with onions for some reason. What a week of Pixing. Pix-O-Week Honors are considered for All Island Pix. So feel good Islanders, that means you GutCheck, first time you've Pixed Detwa all year. CoachK makes his stand and shows his Champ Chops with Seattle. Sleehrat puts the yellow mustard down long enough to win solo with the Fins. But The PixIsland belongs to Rook once again for the Ballsy Let Me Show The League How I Roll Jackie Bomb. Not afraid to pull the trigger. Congrats again Detwa on the doesn't mean a thing regular season win. Making it look easy but I doubt it has been. Which makes the "run" all the more impressive regardless. Looks like a 3 man race. Donut, I like the position your in. Let the leaders freeze up and you ride your horse, whether that's creme filled or glazed is up to you of course. Now is when the season of Champs begins so......................... Good Luck on your Pix. (Mon, Jan 10, 10:23am)

Donut : Bengals, Billies, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Chiefs (Mon, Jan 10, 10:10am)

Rookie: Appreciate y’all allowing me to join (Mon, Jan 10, 9:15am)

Rookie: It’s been fun, look forward to next year (Mon, Jan 10, 9:15am)

Mish: Congratulations Detwa on back to back regular season championships. Is this the John Madden year to break through and win the big one? Rookie, very impressive initial season. You put it out there with numerous PIX-O-Weeks, including a final week Jags pix. Can the Rookie navigate the pressure of a Double Jeopardy playoff run? Detwa has been there and returned with some experience regarding "chalk" The donut rounds out the top spots vying for that season reward by staying steady and within reach all season long. Let DOUBLE JEOPARDY Begin! Great season everyone! (Mon, Jan 10, 8:14am)

KPix: Congrats to Detwa. The huge Jerry Trophy awaits. We will miss you Girl. Thanks for the memories. (Mon, Jan 10, 7:13am)

Rookie: How about them jags!!! (Sun, Jan 9, 3:24pm)

Sleehrat: LAR TBB AZ MIA ATL BUF LVR (Sun, Jan 9, 3:10pm)

c: PIX 17-GB,IND,GIA,MINN,TENN,BALT,CIN,RAM,TB,AZ,NE,NO,BUFF,RAIDERSSSS. Thanks Mish for Reg Season Work. Much Appreciated!! GIRL - Certainly you will be missed, great takes, great Champion, you’ve been in the trenches & have come out a winner! GIRL will live on in the Pix League. (Sun, Jan 9, 12:30pm)

#burnttoast: Brown,GB.Min.WTF,Ind,Bal,Ten,NO,Bil,LAR,NE,Sea,TB,LAC. (Sun, Jan 9, 7:10am)

detwa: SWIX to cowboys (Sat, Jan 8, 7:38pm)

detwa: Congrats on the long run and winning the trophy 🏆! You’ve set the bar high for all of us. You will be missed!! (Sat, Jan 8, 7:28pm)