5X 1st time Co BacktoBack 203: You are the BEST Mish. (Fri, Feb 17, 6:49pm)

MISH:: Thank You everyone! And Thanks again for another successful year at WeGotPIX!! (Wed, Feb 15, 9:37am)

Mr GC: Thanks GirlChamp. Congrats to Coach K on his 5X Championship. Well earned Pixer. Super Gig. Congrats to Commish again as well and kudos on a stellar PixLeague this year. (Mon, Feb 13, 9:36am)

GIRL: Congratulations to the Co-Champs. Well done fellas! Thanks goes to Mr. and Mrs. Gut Check for hosting a great Super Bowl gig. It hit all the right buttons. Loud, great food and great fun! (Mon, Feb 13, 8:17am)

Mish: Congrats Coach Kenny on joining me for a championship. Well Played! (Sun, Feb 12, 11:31pm)

K Man: Bravo Commissioner. Bravo. ✅🍾👍👆👋👏👏👏 (Wed, Feb 1, 2:43pm)

GutCheck: Congratulations to Mish on his PixLeague Championship!!!!!!!!!! YouĎve earned it. Now we see if it is outright or shared but either way, you are locked in as CHAMPION (Mon, Jan 30, 5:02pm)

belichick: Coach K throwing nearly a perfect game in the playoffs, strong final push for the Jerry. (Mon, Jan 30, 12:11pm)

Tuco: TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT!!! (Mon, Jan 30, 9:33am)

C: Sir Mish, due to technical difficulties, and a full proof password protected system, could you enter SF & Cincy for my PIX please, new phone hopefully tomorrow. Best of luck. (Sun, Jan 29, 1:53pm)

C: Congrads Mish on huge, difficult year in PIX LAND, gooduck today, Coach K also great year of Pix, (Sun, Jan 29, 1:49pm)

K Man: While some may say 'useless' I say congrats on breaking the Gut 200 point barrier Mish. A first for PixHistory. Appreciate the Gut Invite 193. Will be a great PixEvent for sure. Glad to hear The Big Jerry Trophy will be present and accounted for. Alot of Champs will be in the house. (Tue, Jan 24, 3:29pm)

TMac: Grizzly Vets!!!. Mish, nice (almost) wire to wire. Steady pix the whole year. (Tue, Jan 24, 9:38am)

Gut193: Congrats to the 2 vets at the top of the hill. Strong Pixing throughout the regular season and into the playoffs. Looks like this year is going down to the wire. Any and all Pixers and friends or family are invited to the WeGotPix Super Bowl Event at GutCheck/WonderWoman residence @ 4137 Benton Creek Dr WS NC. The PixCup will be present and awarded. The entire Board thanks all Pixers for their participation, enthusiasm, and banter!!!! (Mon, Jan 23, 9:42am)

Just a Ball Guy: Quake rolling with some opposite PIX and some visitors to that Giants Island of his. (Sat, Jan 21, 11:49am)

Kirk: Ooops (Sun, Jan 15, 8:09pm)

Bosa: Oops (Sun, Jan 15, 7:18am)

Gut193: Pix O Week to the 13ís. Strong and Bold. Watch out for that cliff. Rest of the League needs an earthquake. Letís Make Some Pix. (Tue, Jan 10, 8:08am)

Gut193: Congrats to MightyMish for the useless regular season crown. He has stayed surprisingly loose with several against the grain Pix. Veteran 4X Back2Back KChamp has stiff armed GutCheck and is looking to pounce at just the right moment though. Double Jeopardy will keep you up at night or give you visions of dancing PixCups in your dreams as we all know chalk will kill you. Alas the PixCup Must Be EARNED. (Tue, Jan 10, 8:02am)

MISH: Fresh off a double withdrawal of re-imbursed Crowders' years (Sun, Jan 8, 11:44am)

3: SwixMish putting on a few more PixYears this weekend. (Sun, Jan 8, 11:25am)

WebMaster: Site now upgraded to handle 18 week season and Double Jeopardy beginning week 19. (Sun, Jan 8, 11:20am)

WebMaster: Please bear with ongoing site repair. Recent audit uncovered a miscalculation: All week 18 games are being treated like Double Jeopardy. Working to correct database and programming now! (Sun, Jan 8, 10:11am)

Detwa: With age comes wisdom, MISH! You are knocking it out of the park! (Mon, Jan 2, 12:21pm)

MISH:: I aged greatly making these week 17 pix (Sun, Jan 1, 1:01pm)

MISH:: It's a pressure cooker up here!!! 5 or 6 swixes already and possibly more to come. Will weather be factor? Will Teams be quitting? Who is playing for playoff life? Who is resting with playoffs secure? (Sun, Jan 1, 11:02am)

MISH:: A Very Happy and Healthy New Year to all! (Sun, Jan 1, 10:59am)

Detwa: A happy, healthy and safe New Year PIXERS. 🎉 (Sun, Jan 1, 10:57am)

c: Iíll Banter again folks! Want to wish All Pixsters near & far a healthy happy New Year. Letís all have a big 2023! (Sat, Dec 31, 9:00pm)

c.: Donut-could not agree w/ you more on World Cup, Father/Son/Daughtet(Corda canít miss a putt) Tourney, absolutely a joy to watch both. On short game: slightly choke up, ball in middle to slightly back on stance, deliberate swing w/ weigh on front ball of right & back heal of left, ball first, a must, soft to medium hands, and 3/4 follow through for the 40 to 90yrd to flag. Other than that, give me a lesson BRO! Thatís some ball speed, fairway? I hope, but keep swinging the club, slow motion, feeling the club head-more later. Letís talk PIX. MISH & podium, your kickingí tail. Weíre doing are damndest from below. How doth thee pix a Lion, a Falcon or a Ram? We know the KC, GB & come from behind MINNY. But the consistency you are having @ the top, in a season w/ the former Rook, performing like this, is true PIXMANSHIP. As we continue the ride, enjoy, Merry Christmas, a Happy Eventful New Year for all. (Thu, Dec 29, 11:50pm)

Mish: A Very Merry Christmas to All! And thank you K for the holiday cheer swix (Fri, Dec 23, 4:34pm)

Klause: Merry Christmas PixLeague. Additionally, Merry Christmas Mish I hope you enjoyed the gift of my swix to the Jets. (Fri, Dec 23, 11:49am)

Donut: FYI, C, I'm up to 165 ball speed. Still stuck at a 15 on the GHIN. killed on the 60 yards and in....... . (Sun, Dec 18, 8:39pm)

Donut: You want banter? Greatest World Cup final ever, GOAT Messi getting his ultimate Jerry Trophy in one of the most entertaining SPORTING events of all time. Up 2-0, tied 2-2, up 3-2, tied 3-3..... argentina to win in PK's with billions of people watching.... unreal.... Tiger and Charlie in the PNC tourney, both with a limp, both unreal..... Big John and Little John.. the real studs... even though they lose to the velvet swings of Vinjay and his son, Cass. Attended the retirement of my first phase training coach this past Sat night (12/17/22,) 27 years WSPD experience, God bless her.. Donut traveling north to reconvene with Donut wife, the beautiful Elizabeth, average temps not expected to exceed 18 degrees fahrenheit. A rental Jetta or equivalent should get us back from the great North (Northern IL, Detroit will laugh.) I expect a blustery landing at O'Hare this coming Thursday 12/22/22. (Sun, Dec 18, 8:37pm)

Klause: Mr. Irrelevant (c) is undefeated on the Saints 13 - 0 Only pixer with an undefeated team. Worth a shoutout. Incase anyone is monitoring the very quite Banter Board. (Sun, Dec 18, 2:47pm)

Saturday: Historic game. (Sat, Dec 17, 5:02pm)

Coach Saturday: Wow. Not sure what happened. Minnie magic? (Sat, Dec 17, 4:21pm)

Coach: Fumble. Scoop and score! (Sat, Dec 17, 4:01pm)

Coach: Reply (Sat, Dec 17, 4:01pm)

Coach: Ok, back for the 4th. One score game. Wow (Sat, Dec 17, 3:59pm)

CoachK: Worst half of football I have watched all year. Should have pixed Saturday on Saterdee. Going out side and to Tanglewood or maybe watch a Soccer rerun. Man o man Minnie. (Sat, Dec 17, 2:17pm)

GutCheck: Sleeh knocking on the door and wants in on the V.I.P. PixLounge. Que it up for the Playoff Positioning Boyz. Pix your team, dump some teams, and bandwagon before it's too late. But Bold is the make or break mindset as the PixCup is earned and won. No gimmies, cruising, whatifs, excuses, or asstricks. Let's make some Pix and Banter your hot takes. (Fri, Dec 16, 2:50pm)

c.: Mish-We got 3 different this week, leader. Hope the MEN had a nice weekend. (Sun, Dec 11, 10:00am)

Rookie: Oh yeah Champ, cooler is stocked. Pretty nice down here. (Thu, Dec 8, 2:00pm)

GutCheck: And looks like there's beer and donuts as well. Say hello to IslandMan. (Thu, Dec 8, 1:44pm)

Rookie: The shag carpet is deep, the leather sectional like butter, the kegerator tapped, the 70" screen warmed up, the knotty pine paneling comforting and the cocktail sausages simmering in the crockpot. The basement has all the amenities you could possibly need to think about next season. (Tue, Dec 6, 6:35pm)

Rookie: Come on down Champ. Cooler is stocked. (Tue, Dec 6, 4:09pm)

GutCheck: Champ. I can't see you anymore (Tue, Dec 6, 12:59pm)

DaleyLama: and the trifecta, brownies bengals and lions all wís (Mon, Dec 5, 5:36pm)

KPix: Good thing nobody got cute and Pixed Saturday on Sunday. (Mon, Dec 5, 3:43pm)

Champ193: CoachK taps into Kenny Pixit... again! Rolling thunder over my shoulder is heading my way. Getting tight at the top MishMan. Gmen & Skins play to a draw, Gano looked good but has lost a little leg, no free drinks for you. Rivera wasn't sweating it, but the rest of the Skin Pixers were. Whew, Dang! (Mon, Dec 5, 2:35pm)

Kenny Picket: Kenny Picket (Mon, Dec 5, 9:48am)

Mish: Kenny Pixknet! Making that charge. Nice week... again (Mon, Dec 5, 9:33am)

Kenny Picket: Thanks FiveX (Thu, Dec 1, 11:51am)

GutCheck: Nice week as well TMac! (Tue, Nov 29, 11:52am)

GutCheck: C'mon CoachK, when your right and everybody else is wrong. Pix-O-Week Honors to you Veteran Champ with Pixsburgh. Bold, experienced, tough and decisive at the right time. You earned it. Get well Kenny!!! (Tue, Nov 29, 11:51am)

Mish: HAPPY THANKSGIVING PIX LEAGUE!!! (Thu, Nov 24, 9:38am)

Detwa: Happy Thanksgiving Pixers - Girl, great to hear from you. Enjoy your family time, feasting, and football! (Wed, Nov 23, 9:29pm)

Mish: Thanks girl! Just pixing who I think will win the game (Herm Edwards voice) (Tue, Nov 22, 1:42pm)


c.: Thatís why you Swix Pix to Philthy (Sun, Nov 20, 5:09pm)

Mish: Yes, a second to that 4:00 games run in the islands. An island win for each of the 4 oclocks...for the first 3 columns... of course taking away from some of that island glory is the missed pix, AGAIN! Hey League, there is a Thursday night game every week (Fri, Nov 18, 5:42pm)

DLama: Detwa as in dmotorcity w/Indy. Rookie is Matrix'd Out (Fri, Nov 18, 10:56am)

DaleyLama: OK before we move on to Week 11, can we recap an incredible Week 10. I don't hear anyone whining about bad ref calls or the sissyfication of the game because it was a good weekend to be at the beach. Islamorada Haven!! Props to Circa, we see you back there, The lone Cats Pix, with Detwa & Minnie he posts a very strong week and got to be feeling good about it. Detwa with an independent Indy pix when no one would go near them. Donut breaks even with nice timing on GBay at home caught the PixLeague napping but those Brownies will stick you in the mud. Champ Ying picks one up on the League with a gutsy Cards pix, and Detwa almost feels like an Island chalks up a W with C. So you could make a case for multiple Pix-O-Weeks, some very impressive insightful ballsy Island Pix. Well done Pixers. But the game of the week, and if you were fortunate enough to stick with them... was certainly the MIIINNNNYYY Pix!! Oh my, YOU LIKE THAT! (Fri, Nov 18, 10:27am)

1972 Dolphins: 🍾 (Tue, Nov 15, 6:35am)

c.: YOU LIKE THAT! (Sun, Nov 13, 4:53pm)

Detwa: great pix great post stacky - what time should we fly in? (Fri, Nov 11, 10:20pm)

c.: The sun is bright & the water is cool, w/ palm trees above - I like this ISLAND. (from the cellar) (Fri, Nov 11, 5:45am)

Mish: Another Verteran shows his muster with a strong weekly total to take the honors this week. NH Man, congrats! (Tue, Nov 8, 7:36am)

West Coast: Veterans GatorMish & K2 post strong week 8's. Well done Men. Let's make some Pix and keep it rolling fellas. Yellow mustard is good for dogs, pretzels, cramps, and missed pixs. (Tue, Nov 1, 12:13pm)

Rookie: Iím only 68 back! (Sun, Oct 30, 8:00pm)

dmotorcity: a strike and a miss (Fri, Oct 28, 12:13am)

Kei: Thanks Mish. (Thu, Oct 27, 3:16pm)

Kei: Thanks Mish. (Thu, Oct 27, 12:17pm)

Mish: PIX-O-Week honors shared this week with Kei and Ying touting their knowledge of The Capitol team and Chitown. Nice islands fellas! Kei also coming through with a decisive weekly best to move back up the leader board. (Tue, Oct 25, 9:14am)

Mish: Tip of hat gratitude, K (Fri, Oct 21, 12:57pm)

Kei: Very strong staying power MIsh! (Thu, Oct 20, 3:56pm)

Mish: PIX-O-Week duo this week with Sleehrat and TMac taking those NFC EAST islands with the Skins and the Geee-MEN (Mon, Oct 17, 5:20pm)

c.: YOU LIKE THAT! (Sun, Oct 16, 4:39pm)

5X: Champ takes Pix O Week honors with Indy Island. Strong Jets Pix as well because they are the Jets. Takes some guts. Speaking of guts, had Mishy baited with the Cowboys but he stuck with him and stays on top. (Tue, Oct 11, 2:22pm)

K1 : More punts than points in Q1 of this contest. (Thu, Oct 6, 8:54pm)

K1: That was a very large 13 Bro. Getting tight up top NH. (Tue, Oct 4, 8:17pm)

Mish: My Bad, sorry N, too quick this morning. Not enough time to do it right, plenty of time to do it 3 times :) (Tue, Oct 4, 2:13pm)

K1: Looks like multiple PixoW: NMAN with the Hawks! (Tue, Oct 4, 11:51am)

Mish: ...addendum... lest I fail to mention that Jets island by the defending champ! (Tue, Oct 4, 9:31am)

Mish: Nice charge with a 13 for 5X, taking PIX-O-Week with those Falcons and another honorable mention to the 49er trio! (Tue, Oct 4, 9:28am)

Mish: Double Doink! (Sun, Oct 2, 2:15pm)

KMan: Gotta be a PixPressureCooker up there Mish. Man. (Sat, Oct 1, 4:34pm)

Mish: Lots of trifecta pix out there this weekend! same situation 2 weeks ago and the Lions were the only winner. hmmm, which ones do I swix? (Sat, Oct 1, 9:27am)

k: Trap game. 🏈 (Thu, Sep 29, 11:14pm)

c.: Darn it, missed that one- CA Wedding Block- would have taken Miami (Thu, Sep 29, 10:40pm)

dmotorcity: challenge accepted!🫡🏈 (Thu, Sep 29, 7:55pm)

KMan: Thank Men. Kicking myself for not taking my favorite QBs - Rogers and Baker! As we know, Back to Back PixTitles (X) are very rare. Second PixIsland all time. (Tue, Sep 27, 12:37pm)

5X: Masterful Pixing "K"Man, and made it look easy. Probably kicking himself for taking Dtroit though. Looks like Detwa's run at the top has subsided as the law of averages catches up to him. And Champ experiencing the PixCup Hangover. Veterans rising! (Tue, Sep 27, 9:09am)

Mish: Got to hand out the props this week for a strong showing by KMan and PIX-O-Week with Jackie! Though a strong trio with Atlanta gets an honorable mention. (Mon, Sep 26, 6:15pm)

c.: Chief / Colts was a trap game , w/ a trap spread. War MIAMA (Sun, Sep 25, 4:16pm)

c: MISH-the sight is beautiful, thank you for the time, effort & diligence to get back up & running! What a joy to MAKE PIX. Safe travels, keep getting stronger & stay thirsty my friend. (Wed, Sep 21, 9:45am)

Sleehrat: Thanks. The MIA pick was bold but I had a gut feeling. Good to be in front (for now). Less exhaust (Wed, Sep 21, 9:09am)

KMan: Nice week RAT. And that is how you set yourself up for a title run! (Tue, Sep 20, 7:22pm)

5X: When is the last time Island Pix went undefeated? Congrats to Donut, Mish, and Sleeh for Pix-O-Week with Sleeh taking high man weekly honors. Nice Pixing Men. Sometimes Life gets in the way hey Ying. Only 1 rule Champ. AppSt... AGAIN! On to Week 3. Thanks Mish (Tue, Sep 20, 10:47am)



WebMaster: Week 2 schedule is in. PIX can be made! (Wed, Sep 14, 6:19pm)

TMAC: Just in case, I am taking KC Thursday (Wed, Sep 14, 9:34am)

WebMaster: Will get schedule input as soon as possible. Will be able to make pix before Thursday! (Tue, Sep 13, 10:30am)

K Code: Very nice Double Digit Ď10í Commissioner. Exiting week 1 with a commanding PixLead. Puts you in strong contention as a favorite for a Championship Run. (Mon, Sep 12, 7:47pm)

K Code: Very nice Double Digit Ď10í Commissioner. Exiting week 1 with a commanding PixLead. Puts you in strong contention as a favorite for a Championship Run. (Mon, Sep 12, 7:39pm)

GC193: And Mr Mish on AppSt. (Mon, Sep 12, 1:49pm)

GutCheck193: Nice site Mish. Pix-O-Week is a push as nobody Pixed the Steelers or Browns. But oh AppSt. Donut, TMAC!!!!! (Mon, Sep 12, 11:23am)

WebMaster: Please make PIX yourselves on the PIX page! Site is up and running. If anyone needs their password please text me directly (Sun, Sep 11, 9:14am)

Detwa: saints niners bengals eagles patriots ravens commanders panther colts titans packers chiefs raiders buccaneers broncos (Sun, Sep 11, 8:35am)

c.: N.O. / CAR / S.F. / CIN / PHI / HOU / N.E. / BALT / WASH / TENN / KC / VEGAS / MINN / T.B. / DEN - Ty Mish for WebMaster work. (Sat, Sep 10, 11:30pm)

Donut: New Orleans, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Miami, Baltimore, Washington, Carolina, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Green Bay, Kansas City, la chargers, Dallas, Denver (Sat, Sep 10, 7:37pm)

Donut: STATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Sat, Sep 10, 7:32pm)

Donut: APPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP (Sat, Sep 10, 7:31pm)

Sven: Fantastic news and development Commisssssh (Sat, Sep 10, 12:54pm)


GutCheck: N.O., Carolina, SanFran, Cinci, Filthy, Indy, N.E., Balty, Wash, Tenee, KC, L.A., G.B., T.B., Denver (Fri, Sep 9, 1:44pm)

WebMaster: Breakthrough on reprogramming old technology Database into NEW (er) technology server. Bear with me as I continue to get pages reprogrammed. LeaderBoard and Weekly PIX sheet are live and running. Making PIX will be next up to take the pressure off. Be patient while the server may experience errors as I work on it. (Fri, Sep 9, 12:47pm)

Sven: NoLa,49ers,Chin c,Phil,Fins,Balti,Jag,Carolina,Colt,Tenn,GBay,KC,LAC,Bucs,Den Week Two: Buff (Fri, Sep 9, 11:58am)